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                           How to Make Money with Forever Living Products


Success can be simple. Share the range of products and the business opportunity with others, and immediately begin to build an income.

With high-quality, proven, consumable products in established, growing market sectors, Forever will supply you with the knowledge and support needed to launch your business.

As well as making a profit from retailing products, the Marketing Plan allows you to earn a bonus for introducing new people into the business, and helping them in turn make sales and build their business. As you develop your people to achieve success, you build a team where you can earn a bonus on their combined efforts.


The Marketing Plan

Forever’s Marketing Plan is a core business model that provides the potential to grow an independent business into a successful venture. It allows for the earning of a bonus for building and developing a team of Forever Business Owners and helping them to make sales.

As a  Forever Business Owner develops a business, builds a team and increases sales, they move further through the Forever Marketing Plan to increase their income and benefits. Unlike many other network marketing solutions, once a  Forever Business Owner achieves a promotion on the Forever Plan, they stay there indefinitely and cannot be overtaken.   


How does this apply to you?

For Novus Customers, the common reaction from family and friends often ranges from scepticism to disbelief. However, this is usually based on very little understanding of what network marketing has to offer, and upon research, these opinions can dramatically change. The key is to not allow prejudice and lack of knowledge to hold you back, but to instead be open-minded and receptive to learning what the Forever business is truly about.

Network marketing is a special line of business, where educational background, experience, belief and social background are not the determining factors for success. Instead, ambition, drive and hard work are the true requirements for succeeding with Forever.


Incentives and rewards


Why is Forever the best network marketing solution?

As well as the impressive bonus structure of the Marketing Plan, Forever offers an exciting portfolio of incentives for you to achieve. Not only can you make the most of uncapped income, but you can also work towards the following incentives:

Extra monthly income with the ‘Forever2Drive’ programme

Earn up to an extra $4800 / $ 9,600 per annum to spend on whatever you like via the Forever2Drive Programme. Use it to buy a new car or holiday, to pay university fees or simply to supplement your income – it’s yours to spend on anything.

Luxury international travel
Forever offers the opportunity to qualify for all-expenses paid trips abroad, with up to spending money included.

Chairman’s Bonus
As a Manager, you have the opportunity to benefit from the company's global success, with an annual performance bonus. Millions are paid out through this programme every year.


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